Club Policies at Kent Country Club

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Clubhouse Informal Attire

  • Gentleman aged 8 and up shall wear collared shirts worn in the style for which they were designed (tucked-in vs. untucked). 
  • Men should remove caps uponmoving indoors, including the Bar and Pub area and excluding the golf shop, locker and fitness areas.  Outside, caps must be worn forward. 
  • Shirts with oversized slogans are not acceptable. 
  • Proper golf attire is always acceptable as informal. 
  • "Dress" is permitted as informal attire.  Denim must be without holes, tears, frays, and may not be faded or bleached. 
  • The following items are not appropriate for the Clubhouse:  Short shorts, cargo shorts/pants, yoga pants, athletic pants, halter tops, tank tops and t-shirts. 
  • Denim is not permitted in the Kent Room or Ford Room after 5 PM. 

Clubhouse Formal Areas

  • The Kent Room, Living Rooms, and Ford Room require long pants after 5 PM. 
  • Jackets are common but not required. 
  • Gentleman aged 8 and up shall wear collared shirts worn in the style for which they were designed (tucked-in vs. untucked). 
  • Denim pants, denim dresses, and denim jackets are not permitted in the Kent Room, Ford Room or Living Rooms after 5 PM. 

Golf Dress Code

Proper attire for the Golf Course includes:
  • Men:  collared shirts tucked-in
  • Ladies:  sleeveless golf tops should have collars
  • Golf shorts/skirts of an appropriate and tasteful length
  • Rain pants, proper wind gear, and sweaters
  • Caps may only be worn forward
The following items are not appropriate for the Golf Course:
  • Yoga pants or athletic pants
  • Denim
  • Hood sweatshirts, t-shirts, cargo shorts or cargo pants 

Cell Phones & Electronics

  • Access to cell phones, tablets, and laptops is permitted in all areas of the Clubhouse and Club property.  However, speaking on the phone is prohibited in the dining areas, the Patio or inside the Clubhouse with the exception of:  Locker Rooms/Restrooms, sitting area near the Pub Entrance, Conference Room, or Parking Lots.  Furthermore, electronic devices must be silent in all areas of the Clubhouse (including children's games). 

Family Dining 

  • Family dining is encouraged and welcome. 
  • In the Pub young children are asked to keep walkways clear for member and employee traffic.  Children should remember to put away Club toys and games before leaving. 
  • Running is not allowed inside the Clubhouse including the Pub. 
  • Proper etiquette and behavior is expected while dining in the Bar and Formal Areas. 

Tennis Dress Code

  • Appropriate athletic attire must be worn at all times while playing tennis.  This includes proper shoes, shirts or athletic tops, and shorts or athletic skirts.  Bathing suits, or similar clothing may not be worn on the Tennis Courts. 

Pool Dress Code

  • Proper pool attire will be restricted to the Pool and Poolside Cafe area only.  When arriving and leaving the Pool area, appropriate non-transparent cover-ups should be worn.  Denim is permitted in the Pool area and hats must be worn forward. 

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