Tennis Manager

Tim Morey

Phone: 616-363-7472

Keeping in its tradition of excellence, Kent Country Club has four of the finest clay courts in the greater West Michigan area.  Unlike typical hardcourts, clay courts are much more forgiving on one’s body; the softer clay reduces the shock of impact on the legs, joints, and back.  Clay courts are also noted for sustaining longer rallies due to the slower bounce.  The courts are properly maintained and kept to strict rolling, sweeping, and watering guidelines by the Kent Country Club staff. 

The tennis facility at Kent boasts a top of the line remote control ball machine and members have access to the practice balls, hoppers, Prince Play-n-Stay nets, depressurized and foam transition tennis balls, and demo racquets free of charge.  A beautiful line of trees provides a natural windscreen and scenery, and the courts have plenty of seated viewing area courtside, poolside, and close to the Pool Café for food orders and delivery.

Kent Country Club is also proud to feature three fully lit paddle tennis courts as well.  Popular during the winter months, paddle tennis is a fast paced racquet sport that could be considered a mix between tennis, racquetball, and even squash. 

Kent Country Club’s professional tennis staff is present between Memorial Day and Labor Day to meet members’ needs.  Junior Programs start at age 4 and Adult Advanced Drills and Cardio Tennis take place several times a week.  Private lessons are available at competitive cost and the staff is extremely flexible in offering programs that show enough member interest such as Adult Mixers, Advanced Drill/Cardio Tennis, and Business and Social Events.  Please browse the Junior and Adult Program offerings for more information.


1. Members must register guests with the Tennis Instructor, and fees in effect will be charged to members.
2. No member shall have more than three guests at any time without prior approval of the Tennis Committee.
3. Reservations for court time should be made with the Tennis  Manager.
4. Absolutely no food on courts.
5. Proper tennis attire must be worn at ALL times.
6. Playing time, when others are waiting: One hour - Singles; Two Hours – Doubles
7. Adults have court priority after 4:00 pm on weekdays and all day on Saturday and Sunday.
8. Absolutely no furniture allowed on courts or aprons.