Hole #1

Par: 4

Yardage: 369

A classic opening hole - not very long, plus it plays downhill, with a larger-than-average and relatively flat green. Favor the right side off the tee because the fairway slope is designed to direct tee shots toward the fairway bunker on the left.


Hole #2

Par: 4

Yardage: 390

A very challenging dog-leg to the left. Once you have negotiated the dog-leg, you have an uphill shot to a well-bunkered green.  The green is divided by a slight ridge running front to back.


Hole #3

Par: 3

Yardage: 165

A medium-length par 3, but well-bunkered with a grass mound in front, which will deflect low approach shots. This green also has a ridge running front to back, but this ridge is more pronounced than the ridge on the second green.


Hole #4

Par: 5

Yardage: 481

An excellent risk reward par 5. The green is well-bunkered and the fairway is approximately 40 feet higher than the green complex.


Hole #5

Par: 3

Yardage: 171

A medium-length par 3 that is all carry to the green. Ample bunkering and a green that slopes more than it appears to. You do not want to get above the hole here if possible.


Hole #6

Par: 5

Yardage: 520

A gentle dog-leg left that plays longer than the yardage on the card because the fairway rises up in the main landing area. A narrow entrance to one of the smallest greens on the course requires precise approach shots.


Hole #7

Par: 4

Yardage: 391

A very demanding hole despite its length, with a two-tiered green that sits 40 feet above the fairway. Play this hole to the left off the tee because the fairway slopes gently to the right, which places you directly behind a very large and imposing Hickory Tree.


Hole #8

Par: 4

Yardage: 406

A relatively flat hole which allows for some mental relief between #7 and #9. Be careful, though, because the green is well-bunkered and is quite steep back to front.


Hole #9

Par: 4

Yardage: 418

Another demanding hole with an elevated green. Probably the steepest green on the course and a very difficult green to putt. Here again, very advisable to stay below the hole.


Hole #10

Par: 4

Yardage: 311

Don’t let the yardage fool you here. A short par 4 with a very difficult green. Be especially careful when the pin is in the front portion of the green.


Hole #11

Par: 4

Yardage: 382

A hole that turns gently to the left as you approach the green. This is the smallest green on the course, which is also elevated, and necessitates a very accurate approach. An extremely steep hill behind the green causes numerous cautious approaches to fall short of their target.


Hole #12

Par: 4

Yardage: 372

A well-bunkered hole from the fairway to the green. A medium-sized green that slopes severely from right to left.


Hole #13

Par: 3

Yardage: 183

Normally you will be playing directly into or across the prevailing wind. A narrow, well-bunkered green which requires a very accurate shot.


Hole #14

Par: 4

Yardage: 423

The longest Par 4 on the course and it plays to an elevated green. A very large green with a steep approach, which will cause any short shots to roll about 20 yards back down the fairway.


Hole #15

Par: 5

Yardage: 547

The only Par 5 on the back, and it will require consistent shot making. Approach shots from over 140 yards away are completely blind. A diabolical green with a large hump, which separates the back of the green into two very distinct halves.


Hole #16

Par: 3

Yardage: 220

The most difficult Par 3 on the course. Very long with a Rhodan-designed green that slopes away from incoming shots. Well-bunkered with two groups of Spruce Trees on either side that add more difficulty to an already difficult hole.


Hole #17

Par: 4

Yardage: 404

Pretty straight forward hole, but plays directly into the prevailing wind. Actually, this hole is a bit of a relief after playing #16.


Hole #18

Par: 4

Yardage: 357

Downwind, but always plays longer than the yardage. Uphill all the way to a very elevated green. Similar to the green on #14 in that any short approach shots are likely to roll about 30 yards back down the fairway. Getting the correct yardage here is paramount because any shots over the green leave you with a very difficult uphill, blind chip shot. An excellent finishing hole that is not overly long but requires some true shot-making ability.


Note: All pars and yardages are measured from the back tees.