Kent Country Club

Kent Country Club

since 1896

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In keeping with the tradition of excellence at Kent, we have a few notes on what attire is expected in specific areas of the club.

~ Short shorts, cutoffs, string tee shirts, or variations of the same, are not permitted in the Clubhouse or anywhere on Kent property.

~ Dress Denim is allowed in all areas to the east of the Bar entrance. This includes Pierson’s Pub, Locker Rooms, the Pro Shop, Pool area, and the Paddle and Tennis complex. Denim is prohibited west of the Bar entrance, including the main Bar, the Kent Room, East Room, Living Rooms, Main Dining room, the Porch and Patios, unless part of a planned theme event. Denim is also prohibited anywhere on the Golf Course or practice areas (including Range, Practice Greens and Chipping facility). “Dress Denim” is defined as neat and clean, having no frayed edges, holes, and worn at a reasonable height. Members are expected to inform guests of our attire policy and are responsible for adherence to proper attire in the respective areas of the club.

~ Formal Living Rooms and private Dining Rooms

- Coats for men, and dresses, suits, or cocktail outfits for women are required at all times.

~ Gentlemen are required to remove all caps or hats upon entering the Clubhouse.

~ Club Members are responsible for their guests and children regarding appropriate dress code.

~ Kent Country Club is a smoke-free facility.

~ Cellular phones are not permitted in the Clubhouse, and discouraged from use on the Golf Course, especially in close proximity to the Clubhouse. Should you require the use of a cellular phone, we ask that you do so in the privacy of your automobile. Business meetings being held in a private room may use cellular phones in the room only.