Kent Country Club

Kent Country Club

since 1896

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In keeping with the tradition of excellence at Kent, we ask that the following Club Policies be reviewed:
  • ......Clubhouse Dress Code

Gentlemen are required to remove all caps and hats upon entering the Clubhouse, including the Bar area.

Proper golf attire is allowed throughout the entire* Clubhouse. The Patio and Kent Porch are extensions of the Clubhouse and warrant a minimum of golf attire.

  • After 5 PM, gentleman must wear long pants in the Kent Room. Jackets or Sport Coats are common, but not required.

The following items are not appropriate for the Clubhouse: Short shorts, cargo shorts, yoga pants, athletic pants, halter tops, tank tops and t-shirts.

Men are required to wear a coat in the Living Rooms, Main Dining Room, and in the Ford Room for private parties and Club events.

  • ......Pub Dress Code

The east side of the Clubhouse, beginning at the Pub, permits denim. Collared shirts must be worn and tucked in at all times. As within all of the Clubhouse, hats are not permitted in the Pub.

  • ......Tennis Dress Code

Appropriate athletic attire must be worn at all times while playing tennis. This includes proper shoes, shirts or athletic tops, and shorts or athletic skirts. Bathing suits, or similar clothing may not be worn on the Tennis courts.

  • ......Pool Dress Code

Proper pool attire will be restricted to the Pool and Snackbar area only. When arriving and leaving the Pool area, appropriate non-transparent cover-ups should be worn. Denim is permitted in the Pool area and hats must be worn forward.

  • ......Golf Dress Code

Proper attire for the Golf course includes:

Men: collared shirts tucked-in

Golf shorts/skirts of an appropriate and tasteful length

Rain pants, proper wind gear, and sweaters

The following items are not appropriate for the Golf course:

Yoga pants, or athletic pants, Denim, Hooded Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Cargo shorts or pants


  • ......Cell Phones & Electronics

Access to cell phones, tablets, and laptops is permitted in all areas of the Clubhouse and Club property. However, speaking on the phone is prohibited inside the Clubhouse and on the Patio with the exception of: Locker Rooms, Restrooms, Conference Room, or Parking Lots. Furthermore, electronic devises must be silent in all areas of the Club Property (including children’s games).


  • .......Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in the Clubhouse, all outside dining areas, and around the Pool.

The Patio: The Patio, including the fire pits, is a dining area, and as such, smoking is prohibited. Should no other members or guests be present, smoking will be permitted until diners arrive, at which point, smokers must move to the Wedding Pavilion or extinguish their cigarettes or cigars.