Kent Country Club Membership Process

1.  Candidate must first complete the Kent Country Club membership application,
     and secure the signatures from both Kent Sponsoring Members on his/her application.

Please mail or drop off the completed application:
Kent Country Club
Attn: Cyndi Nicholson
1600 College NE
Grand Rapids MI 49505

2.  Each Sponsor must submit a letter of recommendation via mail/email to
    Cyndi Nicholson, Membership & Marketing Director,   616-363-6811 ext. 3046

* Completed file (steps 1 and 2 above) will be presented to the Membership Committee
via email or at their next monthly meeting

3.  Candidate will be contacted by the Membership Director to schedule an  
     interview (with up to 4 members from either the Membership Committee or
     the Board of Directors). Interviewers will report back to the Membership
     Committee with their recommendation.

4.  Upon Membership Committee approval, the applicant’s name will be
     circulated to the General Membership for a two-week period.

5. After the two-week period, if no concerns are raised by the General  
    Membership, the Candidate will be presented to the Board of Directors for  
    approval at the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting.

6.  Upon Board approval, a welcome letter, the two-year commitment letter, and
     invoice will be sent out by the Club Controller.

7.  The Membership Director will reach out to the new member to schedule an orientation, 
     and answer any other questions.

*Please note that the membership process may
 take up to 45 days or more to complete.

Kent Country Club hosts an annual reception to honor new members and their sponsors.
Invitations will be sent to all new members in the calendar year and their sponsoring members.