Keith Paterson

Phone: 616-363-6728

Our Donald Ross designed golf course is a true classic. While the back tees stretch to around 6,600 yards, the variety of long and short par threes, fours, and fives offer a true test of golf that requires players to use all the clubs in their bag. The challenge in the course comes on and around the greens where the true Ross influence can be seen.  Player’s must strategically position their ball as not to get above the hole or short side themselves. Each round at Kent offers a new and unique experience. While the course is challenging, it never gets tiring to play and offers a fair test where any level player can achieve great things. 

Our maintenance staff takes pride in the condition of the course. Kent’s superintendent, Keith Paterson, has been on staff for over 20 years and knows every inch of our facility and how to keep in prime shape no matter what the climate conditions have to offer.  The club’s Green Committee and Board are committed to offering the best course possible while ensuring enjoyment for the entire membership. The greens are kept at a speed of between 10 and 11 feet on a daily basis while trying to be on the higher end of that scale for our major events.