Kent Country Club has a long-standing tradition in helping and supporting caddies. We are very proud of the fact that we’ve had 40 Evans Scholars in our Club's history. Our course is a great course to walk, making for a wonderful relationship between caddie and player. Our caddies are on-site and available on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons and Sunday mornings. Caddies can also be scheduled in advance for any day or time of the week.

Our caddies go through a rigorous training program each spring to teach them the core fundamentals of their job. As they progress through our four-level system, they improve and are able to handle the more advanced tasks such as reading putts and giving club advice. Caddying is an important aspect of golf and Kent is committed to improving and supporting our program, while helping out young men and women along the way.   

If you are interested in becoming a caddy at Kent please contact Jekab Vigants or Marianne Butcher in late March by calling 616-363-6112.